Block Paving

A.J.R Paving can boast an excellent track record in quality block paving installation. Our experience is matched only by our expertise.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that we practice modern construction methods and quality foundation and drainage facilities to ensure that your block paving stands the test of time.

Laying block paving requires that the land and drainage are prepared first; the paving will only be as a even as the ground underneath, if the land is not drained properly, or properly prepared for the block paving stones, then blocks can become unevenly spaced allowing unfettered plant growth that will only make the problem worse.

Drainage is essential if the paving is going to stand a chance of retaining it’s shape and even surface. By preparing the ground properly, we can offer a block paving solution that will look fantastic for many years to come.

We never lay block paving on a concrete base as this can cause drainage and strength problems. Concrete bases can subside with poorly drained land underneath and this can cause unsightly cracks and gaps to appear.

Instead, we always use a 40mm recycled aggregate base, as recommended by the brick manufacturers. This aids drainage, prevents the growth of vegetation and preserves the strength of the drive, ensuring that your block paving will preserve its look over time. A.J.R Paving are so confident of the process that we offer a 10 year written guarantee on completion.